Turn your scooter into a professionell delivery racer with the KeepHot Delivery Box!

The KeepHot delivery box was designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest of standards, is lightweight and is kitted out with a special insulation unit to ensure hot food and happy customers!

The Toploader and Backloader Box can be fitted easily on most scooter and bike racks.




With the KeepHot delivery box you can increase your speed and quality of delivery service ensuring customers receive HOT food while at the same time reducing your own costs through the use of economically and eco-friendly vehicles!

398.00 € *
Pizzabox Ebike Pedelec
269.00 € *
Food Delivery Bag
39.00 € *
Pizza Bag 15,5 "
45.00 € *
Pizza Bag 18"
49.00 € *
Mini Infrarot Thermometer
Old price 71.40 €
59.50 € *
Prices include VAT, plus delivery